Cybersecurity Roundup Q2 2021

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Last quarter we provided our audience with a look back at the top Cybersecurity trends at the beginning of 2021. There were some surprising figures, with an overall upward trend in the severity and amount of cyberattacks in the UK.

Here’s a look at the how things were in Q2 2021.

security incidents

There were 377 security incidents (that we know of – there could’ve been more) in Q2 2021, which resulted in 1,224,539,395 breached records!

Compared to Q1 which saw a 50% increase, this represents a much smaller 7.4% increase on last quarter. Luckily, there was a sharp decrease in the total of breached records (3,222,491,299 in Q1).

Cyberattacks remain the top cause of security incidents (43% of the total incidents), with Ransomware a close second. With both of these attack vectors, there was a steady decline throughout the quarter. However, with Ransomware, many incidents are not reported due to fear of reputational loss by the victims. The actual figure could well be higher.

Data breaches were the third biggest security incidents, however they are some way behind Ransomware in second. This may be again because they are much harder to spot, and are often not reported as much as they should be.

One interesting stat is that 141 ransomware incidents were disclosed in Q2 2021, which compared to the 55 disclosed in the same period in 2020, represents almost a 150% increase! This could be simply down to the fact that companies are becoming more comfortable with handling, and subsequently reporting, security incidents such as these.

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2021 promises to pose plenty of cybersecurity challenges to businesses. Make sure you stay tuned to our blog for more insights and tips. Below are some articles to help get you started: