How to stay safe online in 2023

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Using safedrop is a great way to protect yourself and stay safe online. Here’s an example: I’ve been asked by my broadband provider to send my personal details including DOB, postcode and name to them via Twitter so I can be validated.

stay safe online broadband

Twitter accounts get hacked all the time, so I don’t really trust Twitter, or this company’s security! Instead, I can just send a safedrop link, with no over the top security needed and perhaps even a short expiry time (7 days for example). This lets the user on the other side validate me, without risking photographs of my ID, or other security documents, being leaked.

I know that by using safedrop to stay safe online, anything I send will be deleted after use and it will never, more importantly, touch Twitter and its associated services. Additionally, with View-Only safedrops, you can rest assured that the recipient won’t end up with multiple copies lingering around on their computer or network.

Social engineering and other tactics can be used via social media platforms to either compromise you directly, or by using information for a later attack. By removing Twitter and the like from the equation altogether, you are reducing the risk of any compromises. If Twitter does get hacked, your messages to the company in this example risk being visible to hackers. Using safedrop removes this risk, helping you stay safe online.

It’s not just sending stuff via Twitter that can be bad, messaging apps can also be a liability too. What’s great with sending with safedrop is that you can also make sure the recipient is verified before accessing any content. So, if a company is asking for sensitive information, you can verify the recipient using their email or a one-time token. What’s also great is if they need to pass the info onto a colleague, you can instead, meaning anyone with the same email address domain (e.g. “”) could access the info. As mentioned, safedrop helps to remove the risk from these poorly secured services, but lets you keep sending the stuff you need to. It’s easy to stay safe online with safedrop.