safedrop Updates March 2021

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This month we’ve an update on safedrop Inbox, some tips to make it easy to use safedrop, as well as a look at the ramifications of another big hack…

? Inbox is fixed!

safedop inbox lets you receive files from anyone – no account or password required.

We recently discovered a bug with this service which was preventing some users from using this feature properly ?

It’s fixed! Anyone can send you sensitive or HUGE files, no accounts or setup or work required. Just send them your permanent inbox link. Read more on the blog.

? Making it easy to send files with safedrop

We hear so many stories about how painful it is trying to send files to solicitors, courts and the like. That’s why we’ve made it super easy to get files delivered in seconds with safedrop. We’ve got a bunch of really useful tools that help keep things secure, whilst streamlining your process. It’s as quick as ever to use safedrop if you need to get anything to court!

Here’s an overview of what sets us apart, it also links to our outlook client, which is now available for all paid accounts.

☠️ Massive Microsoft Hack

For any of you that use Microsoft Exchange, unfortunately there has been quite a large compromise recently. Make sure you read up on what you can do to mitigate any damage. Read on for next steps.


Jamie & the safedrop team.

To get more info or have a chat about our service please call Jamie on:+44 (0) 207 183 1369