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What is safedrop?

Your team needs a simple way to send and receive large, sensitive files, and audit file shares for compliance. safedrop makes this possible.

A safedrop is a link to a webpage where you can see files and messages. You can share the link however you want: WhatsApp, printed letter, email, text, social media. We wrap security around the link, so every action is secure and audited without any extra effort from you. We also let you control who can view the link.

No passwords, no accounts and no plugins means no friction - people actually use safedrop.

All UK courts accept safedrop.

Inbox (and Reply-To) make for secure, two-way communications.

A secure alternative to WhatsApps, couriers and DX.

Through our work with low firms, local authorities and courts, we've developed security that people actually use. 50% of law firms have a data breach every year - safedrop stops this.

Our users save time, money and trees!

"It saves us up to half a day every time we send a bundle!"
Jessica - DMA Law
“safedrop just makes sending bundles simple, it just works”.

Andy Carlisle - Practice Manager, Bury Council

“Since using safedrop, sending and receiving files securely to third parties has been so much easier. Our recipients have found it so simple to use!"
- Suzie Gilhooly, Senior Legal Counsel
"Being able to track when recipients have opened the packages enables the team to monitor which documents have been received prior to hearing and meetings."
- Kirstie Scott, Durham Council Legal Team.
How it works
Upload your messages and files to safedrop
Choose which email addresses are allowed to receive the link.
Reply and update
Once your safedrop has been sent, you can update it, and add new messages and files. Recipients can add files and messages too, if you allow it.
Share your safedrop
We’ll give you a safedrop link you can share, or press send and we’ll do it for you. Simple. After you send, you can choose to get an update when anyone views your safedrop.
Recipients don’t need to register
There’s no sign-in, no passwords, and no software to install. No extra steps means they’ll be happy to use safedrop.
No information is left hanging around
All messages have an expiry date, after which all files and messages are irrevocably deleted from our servers. You can also choose self-destruct messages. After expiry, you will be sent a thorough audit report by email, telling you who did what.
Default security measures
We’ll protect your message with an expiry of seven days and magic link verification. You must specify which email addresses or email domains can access your safedrop. We’ll send anyone who clicks on your link a magic link which they’ll need to click to get in, proving they own the email address you’re sending to. This link can only be used once.
Court-friendly security
Most courts hate any kind of security and will ask you for plain emails. For them, you send self-destruct safedrops with simple enter email verification and a max seven-day expiry. This still encrypts your data, ensures it can only be accessed once, and offers much better security than email.
Advanced Features
Use safedrop to send sensitive documents, safe in the knowledge they’ll only be seen by the intended recipients. When you’re dealing with confidential client information and court cases, the importance of this cannot be overstated.

Advanced features allow you to increase security levels even further. Set messages to self destruct, turn off download, copy and printing, and customise your verification options.
Choose your expiry date
Your message and file will be deleted from your server once this date is reached.
Turn on view-only
For super-sensitive documents, you can turn off download, copy and print. Recipients will view the document on screen, with an overlaid dynamic watermark.
Set a password
You can share this password securely with the recipient.
Turn on self-destruct
Messages will automatically delete after they’ve been downloaded.
Control how recipients use your shared data
You can prevent downloads and copy/paste, revoke access, or change access permissions in real time. Add watermarks and restrict printing to keep documents in your control.

Choose a user verification option
For Level 1 (for sales documents and low-risk documents), recipients must enter their email address or an email domain that matches what you’ve specified.

For Level 2, you must specify which email addresses or email domains can access your safedrop. We’ll send anyone who clicks on your link a magic link which they’ll need to click to get in, proving they own the email address you’re sending to.
Why use safedrop?
50% of UK law firms had a data breach in 2019, but no one uses the available tools because they require sign-up from everyone involved, including those receiving documents. It’s a huge barrier.

Every time a recipient has to do something in order to view a file, they become less likely to want to do it, and more likely to ask your team to bypass security
When you’re a law firm or a court, this can be risky or even dangerous, especially when sensitive files are involved.

With safedrop, there’s no sign-up, no app, and no software, making it easier to share large or sensitive files in a secure, compliant way. It can be monitored using email and you can host it wherever you want, or in one of our 27 data centres.
No registration for recipients
With no passwords involved, busy people will receive your important files quickly.
Strong GDPR compliance
This includes custom terms for each team using safedrop. With our Team plans you can control how long the audit trail is kept for – from 0 days to 100 years.
Dynamic security watermarks
Each document can be protected with a dynamic watermark showing the user’s email address, computer IP address and the date.
Receive sensitive files
Request credit card details, personal data or large documents while meeting your KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) obligations.
Company-level verification
We all work in teams. If you send a file to a lawyer, they’ll probably send it to their assistant to print out. If you send it to a local authority, it will be forwarded around. And this is fine – generally, we trust an organisation, not a person. So with safedrop, you can set a domain as a recipient and send them your message or files. Anyone with a matching email address can pass verification and get your safedrop.
Reduce your chances of a breach by over 50%
Safedrop incorporates an anti-phishing inbox, the ability to audit & revoke deliveries, and antivirus. Combine this with full compliance with all main privacy laws means safedrop will reduce your risk of a data breach by 50%.
Your team saves time and money
Every account gets a simple email address. Co-workers can share upload files and send them to each other securely. Everything is encrypted at all times and it only takes a few seconds to send a typical 500-page document. Last year our clients saved on average £200 for every paper bundle they were previously sending with couriers.
Boost your brand
A branded comms channel increases brand awareness and builds trust. If you use safedrop, your company logo, key marketing messages and links to your website are all shared. With high value people receiving safedrops, it’s an excellent way to market your service. And in contrast to other tools, you control the conversation.
Get support from our team
We’re there for you. Get fanatical support in three minutes or less when you use the app. You can also call us. All paid accounts get full phone support from 9am to 5:30pm. 24/7 support is a cost option for company accounts.
Free for 14 days
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Secure your emails and social media
per month
Single user license
1GB of storage
250 safedrops a month
File sizes up to 20Mb (about 340 scanned pages or 1,400 electronic pages)
Outlook plugin
Online audit trails
Super fast UK support
For solo professionals
per month
Single user license
5GB of storage
250 safedrops a month
Everything in Starter, plus:
safedrop Inbox
Very large files (up to 5GB)
Starts at
per month 6-10,000 users

Variable storage
Unlimited safedrops
Everything in Pro, plus:
Your logo
Marketing messages & link to your site
Team management
Custom security policies
Vanity URL option (
Choice of hosting location
Single tenant hosting option
SSO (Single Sign-On)
Secure workspaces & long-term file sharing
All plans include Self Destruct, Reply to, Cancel, Read receipts.
VAT or country tax may be added.
Frequently asked questions
How secure is safedrop?
Very. safedrop is designed to be secure from the ground up. We’re ISO27001 audited, and will maintain data in the location of your choice (one of 27 data centres, or you can host it yourself using a docker image).

All messages delete after seven days by default. We also have an optional self-destruct after delivery setting. You can control security and restrict the ability to copy, download or print documents.
What about data governance / hosting locations?
We also offer hosting in UK, Canada, USA, Europe (France) Australia (Sydney) & Singapore. We can also host in any Amazon location, or on your premises.

For all plans we keep AES 256 encrypted backups in Ireland. 
What about UK, EU data privacy regulations?
All plans display terms of use which recipients must accept the terms before viewing files. We recommend firms use our Team plan or higher, so they can control their own terms.
What do you mean 'frictionless'?
Every time a recipient has to do something to view a file, they become less likely to want to do it, and more likely to ask your team to bypass security. We’re removing every unnecessary step, so no sign ups, no passwords and no software to install.
Will I receive training and support?
Yes. All paid accounts get full support from 9am to 5:30pm. 24/7 support is a cost option for company accounts.
Are you GDPR compliant?
Yes. We have an ISO27001 accredited security system and will keep all your information in the geographic area of your choice. For UK Users this is usually UK with EU (France) backup. For EU clients this is usually 2 data centres in France.

We will help you be GDPR compliant too. safedrop is the only file sharing service that allows you to set up terms of use that each user must accept before downloading files. Here, you specify things like why you are tracking them and how long you will retain information for – a critical part of GDPR.
You must set up privacy terms when you share files in order to comply with UK and EU data privacy regulations. These terms are displayed to recipients and they must accept the terms before viewing files. These terms should outline what you will do with the tracking data.
Case study: DMA Law
DMA Law has been providing legal services in the North East for over four decades. Headquartered in Darlington, DMA Law pride themselves on their friendly approach, treating everyone as an individual and providing the best service they can, achieving the best results for their clients. They have a team of highly dedicated lawyers offering specialist advice and representation in a wide range of legal fields including Family Law & Childcare, Conveyancing, Debt Recovery, Litigation and Accident Claims and Personal Injury.

DMA Law has chosen safedrop to provide a secure way to share and receive files and bundles with third parties.
Before safedrop…
Like many law firms, DMA Law had nothing in place to send or receive files digitally. Typically, bundles would be produced and sent in a hard copy. After COVID-19, the courts would no longer accept hard copies of bundles, so the team continued to print bundles, and then scan them back onto their PCs in smaller batches – small enough to send to the court by email.

Printing off bundles and scanning them back in as small documents is not a difficult job, but it would often take several hours to get a document ready to send to court. safedrop has freed up valuable hours of admin time every time a bundle needs to be sent.

“We’ve saved so much time, paper and ink”
Once the bundle had been printed off, scanned in and sent off to the court bit by bit using email, there was no use for the paper copy, so a secure shredding company was employed to pick up, take away and dispose of the bundle securely. Since using safedrop, DMA Law has saved so much time, paper and ink as they no longer need to print off bundles.

DMA Law chose safedrop as the local authorities they work with told them that they are saving a lot of time using the system. They use safedrop to send and receive files securely with multiple third parties, including law firms, clients and the local courts. It became clear that ease of use was as important as the security that safedrop offers.

“The whole system is very user friendly and
self explanatory”

Getting started with safedrop was really straightforward for DMA Law.

“The whole system is very user friendly and self explanatory, we received training at the beginning and have had a very good experience,” said Jessica from the firm.

They had used a similar system in the past, but recipients were finding it difficult and time consuming to get the message or attachment, and some recipients found it a pain to log in to get the documents.

Being able to send documents straight away without any friction has made the process more streamlined. With safedrop, employees at DMA Law can just copy a link into an email, making the process really simple.

“Even barristers and clerks are happy to receive bundles using safedrop. This has made our lives so much easier,” Jessica concluded.

Their biggest reason for recommending safedrop? It saves them up to half a day every time they want to send a bundle!
No passwords, no accounts and no plugins means no friction – people actually use safedrop.
All UK courts accept safedrop.
Inbox (and reply-to) make for secure, two-way communications.
A secure alternative to WhatsApps, couriers and DX.
Through our work with law firms, local authorities and courts, we’ve developed security that people actually use. 50% of law firms have a data breach every year – safedrop stops this.
About safedrop
The Projectfusion story started in 1998, at the height of the dotcom boom. Success came early when founder Angus Bradley developed the UK’s first property portal, aproperty4u.

In 2001 Angus and the Projectfusion team led the way in secure data sharing then they developed the world’s first virtual data room (VDR) for the global law firm, Cameron McKenna.

In early 2016 Projectfusion formed a three-way partnership with the electronic document bundling company, Zylpha and the South London Legal Partnership to create Digital Courtrooms. Together, the three partners launched a platform to build and deliver court bundles online.

Much of the learning from Digital Courtrooms inspired the new safedrop service.
safedrop is inspired by our experience providing document sharing to the UK Courts
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