introducing safedrop Inbox

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introducing inbox

safedrop inbox lets you receive large and sensitive files easily, saving everyone time

Finally – a simple way for your entire team to receive large and sensitive files securely.
No more waiting for couriers or post. No setting up complicated file sharing accounts. Just a personal web address for each team member where they can receive files – right to their inbox.

Why do I care?

Everything is faster

Receive large files easily
Get large files (video evidence, movies) up to 10Gb in size. Just send your client a link they can upload to.

Getting information
Receive the most sensitive documents securely and quickly

onboarding clients
Receive KYC and AML files from new clients and speed up account setup.


How does it work?

1 – Paul is setting up a new client Mr Big your team have just won. Everyone wants Project Gold to start asap, but AML needs to be sorted, so Paul requests a passport and utility bill from the client. He sends them his inbox address (
2 – The client visits the page on their mobile, enter an email token, and upload some photos of the documents.
3 – Paul gets an email with a clickable link. One click and he downloads the files, the safedrop is deleted, and Mr Big gets an email to say the file has been sent securely.


Costs & rollout
safedrop inbox

safedrop inbox is included with all paid accounts. To setup your inbox, go to settings and copy the address. Anyone you send this address to can send you files (don’t worry, we’ll validate them before send, and do Anti Virus checks).




Book a meeting with Jamie if you’d like to see a demo or get this setup!