add passwords to your safedrop file share for even more security

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add passwords to your safedrop file share for even more security

You can now add even more security to your Safedrops using a prearranged password.Passwords add another level of security to all your drops, you can pre-arrange a password with your client over the phone, and use it for all safedrops.
Because of our special anti-brute Force technology the password does not have to be super long, or complex – even using a simple word password will be virtually hacker proof*
You can try it out right now, the beta is available right now on our free and paid accounts.If you combine combine passwords and self-destruct you end up with amazing security, once the saferop has been downloaded from our servers it’s deleted, so even if the password was compromised, its no use.
Even if a ‘hacker’ were to start guessing passwords, they would only have 3 guesses every 5 minutes. It is extremely unlikely that they would guess successfully. Add to this the self destruct – there’s no point guessing passwords! Add to this that our ‘sensitive’ monitoring systems keep a 24×7 watch for suspicious behavior and ban offending computers.
*here’s an example. Lets say you password protect a pdf document and sent the pdf out by email. If its a common password like ‘diamond’ that would take a decent hacker a few seconds to crack. Using safedrop, theoretically that password would take over 2 days**, as we only allow 3 attempts every 5 minutes. In reality it wouldn’t be cracked as we log the attempts, and would block the computers trying to crack things after a while.
** (this is based on diamond being number 2,000 in the top 10,000 list of commonly used passwords!)

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