Email verification comes to safedrop!

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Email verification comes to safedrop!

We’re now giving you more choice when it comes to verifying the recipients of your safedrop! In addition to Magic Links, you can now ask recipients to verify themselves via email. This is a huge update, and radically improves safedrop’s use for auditing, and for monitoring file & message deliveries. You’ll now also get much more detail in the audit trail for your files.

Email Verification

It’s quite simple, you can use a light level of verification (Enter Email), where you send a safedrop and the recipient has to enter the email (usually their own) that you’ve specified to view it. Combine this with our self-destruct option, and this provides great levels of security. You can now send a drop without going to the lengths of requesting an email token from recipients.
Email Verification & Self-Destruct with a pre-arranged password is our recommended setting for court bundles.​
For example, if you’re sending a drop to and you specify email address verification, when Bob receives the drop, he’ll only be able to access it by confirming his email address. This means if “Billy the Hacker” were to try and open the safedrop and use his own email address, he would be out of luck. Email verification is not case sensitive, so if you specify “”, but Bob actually puts his email address in as “”, he’ll still be OK to access the drop.
Email address verification
This works well with the courts, who don’t always like Magic Link authentication. There’s no fuss with passwords or tokens, just straightforward “enter your email & access your files”.

How secure is this?

This is absolutely not as secure as Magic Link authentication, which remains our recommended way to send documents. However, when sending to court, where they usually point blank refuse to use tokens, this provides an improvement over just sending a link, and it also means you get much better audit data. If using this with court bundles, we recommend that it is combined with self destruct. In the event your message is leaked, you will find out very quickly as the court will no longer be able to download it.
Audit Trail
Here you can see the audit trail. After recipients have viewed or downloaded once, you can see the safedrop self destructing (removeFile).

Its also brilliant for pitch docs and general commercial information!

This is a great way to gauge interest in your proposal – you can see who’s looking at it, and who’s bothered downloading.
Enter Email verification keeps things fluid for legal professionals and other industries. It’s a quicker way of sending and accessing files, with security being a little less strict as a consequence. It’s much more secure than a straight email, everything is audited, and you can set sensible expiry times. You are also sure that copies of your files are not stored in random servers all over the place.
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