safedrop Reply-To – secure messaging with compliance at its core

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safedrop Reply-To – secure messaging with compliance at its core.

It’s like WhatsApp for lawyers – great security combined with in-depth audit trails for compliance!

Watch a video of Reply-To in action here!

So what? – I have email and a client portal

Data breaches. Half of the UK’s law firms had a breach in 2019 thanks to badly addressed emails, phishing attacks & poor security. One common theme amongst all breaches? Email. Whilst being the go-to communication tool for many, it is not safe for anything sensitive. Client portals can be great, but increasingly, clients (and fee earners) are reluctant to sign up for yet another service.

Introducing safedrop reply-to

Reply-To gives you an audited place to have sensitive conversations, and share confidential files.Because safedrops are essentially links that can be shared within emails and stored in any document management systems, this makes it so simple to use, whilst maintaining security. It’s not another system to learn, and recipients don’t need to sign up!
reply-to mobile
And because safedrop works everywhere, it’s easy for people to send you files and document scans.
Reply-To means you don’t need multiple services to achieve the same result. You’ll save time by keeping everything together in one location, benefitting from all security settings that you apply to your safedrop.

Easy to archive and store

You can download all files & responses in a snap, each response is in a folder with the username, date, message and files. Everything is there, ready to file back into iManage or Visualfiles or whatever you use.
This really enhances safedrop’s capabilities – use it to provide one point of truth for your matters, request sensitive files, or for secure conversations. It’s a better choice for your firm than say WhatsApp, as everything is audited, and not locked to individuals. And it’s a necessity when you’re collaborating on personal or sensitive client data, where email is inappropriate.

Here’s the sort of stuff that goes wrong:

Matter management email inefficiencyJenny is a solicitor and is dealing with a client. As the matter updates she sends across, and requests, loads of files. She ends up with 30 files, all over different emails, with the usual ‘which is the right one’ problem. The client keeps requesting the same file, as they can’t be bothered searching email, or can’t find it.
Email info leakVictor is thinking about selling his business. He needs to get in touch with his lawyer to discuss staff contracts. The Lawyer request details, but offers no secure transfer solution. Short of time, Victor sends his lawyer a breakdown of all the existing staff contracts and any jobs that may be affected. As his emails are logged internally, one of the IT team stumbles across the message, and see’s her home address in there. She’s not happy that her details have been emailed with no security. She tells everyone the business is up for sale, and considers contacting the ICO about a breach. Victor is not very happy, and blames… the lawyer. Getting filesHarriet is a solicitor, onboarding a new client. She needs all the client’s KYC files back, and request the client sends a scanned photo of their passport. Email fails because the photo is ‘too large’. Client gets frustrated, and spends 30 minutes trying to somehow shrink the photo on their iPad. In these instances, there were better ways of handling the situation. Both could still be achieved via email, but with much better security and auditing available.

What can you do? Use a service like safedrop.

safedrop Reply-To gives lawyers and professionals a secure, audited place to have sensitive conversations, and share confidential files – files that don’t belong on email. With safedrop, recipients don’t need apps, accounts or new systems, and there’s no passwords to learn. safedrops are just links that can be shared within emails and stored in any document or case management systems. This makes it so simple as you can continue to use email, but with the added security and compliance benefits that safedrop brings. Your clients can reply from their phone or tablet, and easily attach any kind of file.
Finally you have an effective option for secure file transfer. Reply-To brings even more simplicity, security and compliance to safedrop. The audit trail is now more detailed. Files & responses consolidated. You don’t need extra services to achieve the same result with safedrop. This is a big update for us, and we’re delighted to give you the ability to get insight into your audit trail.For a hands-on look, book a 15 minute demo with Jamie or start a free trial here.