safedrop Updates July 2021 – Want a custom experience?

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In what is a very security focused update this month, we have some exciting news from the tech world and something new to look forward to in safedrop!

? Want to customise your safedrop experience?

We know that some of you have a requirement to use your own terms & conditions, as well as branding and additional security policies. That’s why give you the option to set your own branding, when you’re on select safedrop plans. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll handle the rest! This makes it easy to not only send and receive files securely using safedrop, but also to put your firms flair on things, making the safedrop experience for you and your clients that much more professional.

safedrop experience safedrop

✉️ Sharing a safedrop as an email

Did you know it’s super easy to share a safedrop link via email (or any other messaging service)? As a safedrop is basically an unique, secure link, you can utilise existing security policies you may already have in place when using systems such as Microsoft Teams. This means you can continue to work within your organisation’s data retention policies, by making sure that files aren’t left around and available until the end of time. To get started, all you need to do is select I will send them the link myself when sending a safedrop.

safedrop experience