Spotlight on: Bury Council

“The courts are happy to receive bundles using safedrop. The fact that courts, law firms, and individuals are happy to receive documents using safedrop is testament to how easy it is to securely deliver them using the system.”

An easy hack to make your office zoom calls better!

As many businesses continue to work from home, some companies are slowly returning to their offices. This brings a unique challenge, with Zoom calls taking place between colleagues sitting next to each other, as well as remote workers. This creates a lot of audio feedback and makes it difficult to have a clear conversation (you […]

3 reasons to stop using apps to share files

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If you are a legal professional, chances are you need to share files online. You know you can’t use email, as your files are probably too big and you know it’s really not secure – so what about some of the other apps out there? Unfortunately, there are many hurdles that make this less than […]

How to handle a Subject Access Request

An essential guide for business Overview Under the GDPR regulation, Individuals have the right to ask you to tell them what personal information you are holding, including what, why, who (can access) and how long you’re holding it for. This known often know as a Subject Access Request or SAR. You have one month to respond to a Subject Access Request. […]

Email verification comes to safedrop!

We’re now giving you more choice when it comes to verifying the recipients of your safedrop! In addition to Magic Links, you can now ask recipients to verify themselves via email. This is a huge update, and radically improves safedrop’s use for auditing, and for monitoring file & message deliveries. You’ll now also get much […]

safedrop Reply-To – secure messaging with compliance at its core

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It’s like WhatsApp for lawyers – great security combined with in-depth audit trails for compliance! Watch a video of Reply-To in action here! So what? – I have email and a client portal Data breaches. Half of the UK’s law firms had a breach in 2019 thanks to badly addressed emails, phishing attacks & poor […]

How to get a bundle to court without a courier!

The rapid change in how UK courts are handling documents means sending them electronically in 2022 and beyond is now crucial. There are many options, some more easy to use than others. There is a level of risk for a local authority or law firm in sending a bundle electronically which is why it’s important […]

safedrop Updates: Exciting New Features!

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Our latest safedrop update is big one – we’ve got some heavy hitting features on the way for you! Read on to find out how you can reply directly to a safedrop, how to get bundles to court with ease & how to use one link to share thousands of files! Reply To Great security […]

How to send thousands of files with safedrop


Want a way to upload thousands of files securely at once? Read on! safedrop is designed to be easy to use & super secure. Because of this, we like to make it easy for our users to get “a little more” out of safedrop. So today we’re going to let you know how to upload […]