safedrop Updates: Exciting New Features!

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safedrop Updates: Exciting New Features!

Our latest safedrop update is big one – we’ve got some heavy hitting features on the way for you!

Read on to find out how you can reply directly to a safedrop, how to get bundles to court with ease & how to use one link to share thousands of files!

Reply To

Great security combined with in-depth audit trails for compliance!safedrop Reply-To gives you an audited place to have sensitive conversations, and share confidential files – files that don’t belong on email. Loads of breaches occur due thanks to emails. They’re not secure, meaning they can be intercepted, or more commonly, sent to the wrong person! Because safedrop’s are essentially links that can be shared within emails and stored in any document management systems, this makes it so simple to use, whilst maintaining security. Reply To means you don’t need multiple services to achieve the same result. You’ll save time by keeping everything together in one concise location, benefitting from any and all security settings that you apply to your safedrop. This really enhances safedrop’s capabilities and will revolutionise your audit trails.

Email & Domain Verification

On the surface it’s quite simple, you can now use a light level of recipient verification ‘Enter email’ , where are you send a safedrop and the recipient just has to enter an email you’ve specified to view it. Combined with self-destruct this provides good levels of security, and much improved auditing, where are you can see who has viewed a drop without going to the lengths of requesting email tokens.But that’s not all! You can also send a Safedrop to a domain – for example your lawyer is, just send the Safedrop to Joe at as usual but also add as an allowed domain. That means anyone at Acme, either using magic tokens or the simpler email verification can now view the drop as well. This is super handy for sending documents to court for example or documents you only want viewed by government bodies or particular departments of government.

Bug Fixes

  • Improvement of folder naming: We’ve cleaned up the folder interface so it’s now easier to see important info regarding your folders such as timestamp, user, etc.
  • We’ve resolved in issue where IE11 users were unable to track safedrops.
  • TeamView now gets a from column.
  • We’ve implemented a captcha process in replacement of our timeout system when trying to access a drop multiple times in a short space of time.
  • General fixes & improvements.
As you can see this is a bumper edition of our regular updates, and we’re proud to be delivering these major features to the safedrop platform. We hope you find them useful and if you have any feedback, be sure to let us know by dropping us a message at more updates, features & tricks, stay tuned to our blog.