An easy hack to make your office zoom calls better!

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As many businesses continue to work from home, some companies are slowly returning to their offices. This brings a unique challenge, with Zoom calls taking place between colleagues sitting next to each other, as well as remote workers. This creates a lot of audio feedback and makes it difficult to have a clear conversation (you know, that Dr. Who like echo voice feedback loop!).


There’s a simple solution to this problem. Mute your mic upon entering the meeting. Then, hold down the spacebar on your computer keyboard to temporarily switch your audio on again. This walkie-talkie style tool is great for large meetings where it can be a mess of noisy audio. In the case of those in the office next to each other, you’ll hear the same person speaking multiple times at once – nobody wants that!

With these “hybrid” meetings becoming the new norm, tricks like these will make meetings more streamlined. No more, waiting for someone to sort out their audio!

Zoom is easy-to-use and has a no nonsense approach that keeps bringing us back. We tried Teams, GoToMeeting and every other conferencing tool out there, but none were quite as smooth.

Having (just about) dealt with the lockdown period influx, Zoom is now relied on by many for conferences, from the UK Government down to family catchups.

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