safedrop Updates August 2021 – Security Updates

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This month we have some info on our upgraded safedrop receipts (which look amazing!), as well as more insights into the UK’s cybersecurity landscape.

? saferop read receipts just got a lot better!

We just hugely improved read receipts. Now you’ll get full details of where the recipient was when they downloaded a file (complete with country flag ??), the time of download, and what file(s)they downloaded. Why? It helps you keep safe. If Bob is in Southampton, and the country flag is ?? perhaps you have a problem, or Bob is sending things he shouldn’t be. For the full rundown of these new changes, read our blog.

☢️ Cybersecurity roundup Q2 2021

Not too long ago, we provided an insight into the state of play in the UK’s Cybersecurity landscape. There were some interesting stats to be found, with a few surprises too. The quarter just gone was no different, so dive in to our Q2 update to see what’s going on in the world of Cybersecurity in the UK.