Huge improvement to uploading!

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We’ve just upgraded our uploader to let you upload files and nested folders. Need to share a folder structure? Just drag it up! Got a nicely organised collection of files and folders – no problemo, and no more creating zip files.


It’s super quick to see what files you’ve attached.



Filenames appear in a list view, with folders being viewable within toggles.


You can also review your sent files later on in the ‘safedrop summary’ section.

Better upload = Faster better communication

  • You can share folder structures of data even quicker, without any need for zips.
  • You can maintain secure shares of folders of content, you can easily change, add or remove files after you’ve sent them.
  • It’s now even easier to manage the files you’ve added, before you send, as you can easily remove items that you may not want to send.

Our new upload tweaks make it even easier to upload thousands of files at once, with the visual overhaul making it easier to see all the folder structures you have uploaded. This continues our recent additions to safedrop, with read receipts also getting a recent makeover too! Watch this space for new features on the way...

Want to save time sending large, sensitive files? Use our Outlook plugin and send files directly from your email client!