safedrop SecureView – a way to protect the most sensitive documents

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For those of you that may not know, we recently updated our SecureViewer, which lets you preview documents securely without having to wait for them to load. We’ve now made this tool even more efficient than it already was. Here are some benefits of the viewer:

  • You can stop downloading, copying & printing – ultimate protection for your sensitive content.
  • Automatic watermarks prevent deliberate leaks.
  • Recipients can view your file before they decide to download or not. This is great for sensitive docs that they don’t want to touch their systems.
  • You can share documents that never leave your server. (e.g. an offshore team can process, but not download).


The viewer is really fast – often better than using the document viewer on your computer, and as it loads pages as you view them, even large documents load in seconds. This works of course on your mobile, tablet, computer – or any internet-connected device.

Case Study: A UK Local Authority sharing files with the Police

One of our Local Authority clients has already been using it to share files before they are redacted with the police. The Police then tell them which bits they need copies of, and the authority just redacts the required documents. Before safedrop they had to redact the entire document, or invite the Police to come and physically review the document. This makes it really easy to handle sensitive documents.

More mundanely, its great for sharing any word or PDF docs that you absolutely do not want being shared. Just tick the “view on-screen” security before you press send.

view on screen


What Kind of Documents can be protected? Word, PDF, Powerpoint and most image files can be protected

How large can the files be? Try us! We have a few 500Mb 20,000 page documents that work just fine!

How do you stop screen grabs? We can’t ? ultimately no-body can stop someone photographing the screen. So we put a dirty great big watermark on there with the recipient’s email & IP address. This makes leaking photos a lot less likely.

You can try out our SecureViewer now by getting a trial of safedrop