safedrop Updates June 2021 – 1 Year of Domain Verification & Apple goes all in on security

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In what is a very security focused update this month, we have some exciting news from the tech world and something new to look forward to in safedrop!

? Domain Verification: a better way to send your safedrops – because we all work in teams

It’s been almost a year since we rolled out Domain Verification, a unique way to securely send files to entire firms, not just individuals. Read on to find out how to save loads of time when sharing sensitive files externally.

Find out more here.

? Apple announces upcoming security features

Apple recently held their yearly developer conference, WWDC, and this year they announced a huge array of security and privacy-focused features. Here are just some of the interesting features to look forward to:

  • Private Relay – A new service that will help mask your online presence – basically a built in, free private network (VPN)
  • Hide My Email – A way to help prevent spam and other drawbacks of giving your email out.
  • FaceTime – Now accessible on the web and on Android.

You can read more about the updates here.