eForms are here!

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We’ve recently updated Projectfusion & safedrop so you can send PDF forms via email, via safedrop and get the replies all within Outlook. It’s super simple and fast. Let’s take the TA6 Property information form as an example. A lot of our conveyancing clients are using these at the moment. They’re sending them via paper, chasing the client and then scanning the signed copy back in again – which obviously takes a lot of time! You’ve got to check the form, file it, etc. With safedrop, it’s easy to send a secure email to a client. All you need to do is attach the file, add your message, hit “send with safedrop” and then send the message as normal and get on with your day! There’s no need to spend hours hopping between programs, or getting your tech team involved with complex installations – we’ve designed eForms to be as efficient as possible, by building it into our existing platform, so existing safedrop user don’t need to do anything either – simples!

From the client perspective, it’s incredibly easy too. They can fill forms out on a mobile device, saving time and providing them with the flexibility to fill out a form wherever and whenever they like. They can also then add an eIDAS compliant signature as well. They can save their progress and resume filling the form out at later time, submitting the form once ready. At this point, the form can’t be filled out again, to prevent tampering. Everyone gets a copy of the completed form in their email too!

The final step (as the conveyancer/solicitor) is to check my email inbox. As the safedrop will have the original reference number in the email subject sent to the client, it’s really easy to keep track of everything. You can access the completed and/or signed copy in seconds – you don’t have to change my workflow at all. So as we’ve described, you can work completely within Outlook.

Now you can send and receive forms, right from your email, no extra work required. You can send any PDF form through the system and it will automatically make it a fillable form! The time savings here are quite something, and the cost benefits even more so, as we’ve priced eForms to be highly competitive against the market, as we believe they shouldn’t cost the earth. Other products on the market catch you out by heaping extra hidden costs when you start to actual use their service. With safedrop eForms, there’s no surprises. We’ll even convert your form into an eForm template at no extra cost!

Existing Projectfusion clients will find this useful as well, as you can share existing documents directly from the document library, effectively having an always up-to-date folder of forms that can be completed at any time, as changes are saved in real time.

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