Outlook encryption – Fast and Simple Secure Email!

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Outlook encryption is easier to achieve thank you think, thanks to our plugin that lets you send attachments of any size with full regulatory compliance. Files can be up to 5GB in size, and while recipients are validated, they don’t have to sign up for accounts. No passwords, no accounts and no plugins means less friction – people actually want to use safedrop!

Using Outlook encryption with our safedrop plugin means you can send secure emails in seconds. We upload your files in the background, letting you get on with your work, check it out:

Click here to install the Outlook plugin. It only takes 30 seconds and could make your life a lot easier!

Using the Outlook plugin can help prevent having to recall an email in Outlook, which can be a potential data breach, as well as being rather embarrassing… Not only that, we all know that emails on their own are not secure. Why take the risk!?

Make sure to get your free trial of safedrop today to start sending securely with safedrop & Outlook!