Your data & safedrop

safedrop offer hosting in multiple locations.
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This diagram shows what happens for UK customers. It’s simple – EVERYTHING IS IN THE UK! Main servers, backup servers. So your data doesn’t leave the UK unless you want it to.

  • When Bob sends a safedrop, the files are temporarily uploaded to our UK servers.
  • He sends the safedrop link (or URL for geeks) to Sam.
  • Sam clicks the link, and collects the file from our UK server.
  • The file will be removed irrevocably from our servers once the safedrop expires (or immediately, if self destruct is turned on).
  • On our end, the files never leave the UK (Of course you can choose to send them outside the UK. but that’s your decision*).

*It’s worth mentioning that you can turn on view only security. That way the files never leave our servers, but the recipient can view encrypted bits of the document (pages) in a web browser.