safedrop Templates


What are templates? Templates are a fantastic way to save huge amounts of time when it comes to sending the same files and folders over and over again. Templates allow you to save multiple presets that include a subject, message and file (e.g. a PDF form) that can be added to your safedrop with the […]

safedrop – data driven sales deck tracking

You’re probably making do with Google docs, Dropbox, excel and bits of paper. You sent that proposal 5 days ago, and nothing back, total radio silence. Have they even looked at it? Is it a good time to chase up, or will that look too keen? 25-50% of deals go dark In fact you have no […]

What is shadow IT? safedrop explains!


safedrop is the perfect shadow IT provider, as we help you stay compliant and secure, without interfering the with the day-to-day workflow of your staff. Our solution doesn’t require any installs or plugins – it just works. A simple interface means your team won’t waste tonnes of time asking questions on how to use safedrop. […]

Get custom safedrop branding for a professional experience!

Did you know that at safedrop, we offer the ability to set custom branding and security policies on all your safedrops? That means any recipients will be presented with a slick, on-brand landing page when they go to access a safedrop you’ve sent them. It can really boost the safedrop experience, and is really quick […]

Sharing a safedrop via email

safedrop link

Sometimes, you might find it better to send a safedrop link via your own email, rather than using our automated email service. It’s really easy to use a safedrop link across platforms such as emails, messaging services and more. When sending your safedrop, select “I will send them an email myself”. You can then copy […]

How to create an electronic bundle

Sending a bundle electronically is now much easier than it used to be, saving a bunch of time and stress. In general, the whole process is now slicker and more secure. However, actually creating a bundle in the first place can still be a pain point! How to create an electronic court bundle There are […]

How to send thousands of files with safedrop


Want a way to upload thousands of files securely at once? Read on! safedrop is designed to be easy to use & super secure. Because of this, we like to make it easy for our users to get “a little more” out of safedrop. So today we’re going to let you know how to upload […]

3 tips for a quicker upload speed!

slow upload speed

Is your upload speed slower than slow? It’s easy to take for granted how much an office environment facilitates straightforward working. When you need a file, you download it. When you need to send it to someone, you either upload it, or you just send it. However, with a shift to working from home, many […]

add passwords to your safedrop file share for even more security

passwords security

add passwords to your safedrop file share for even more security You can now add even more security to your Safedrops using a prearranged password. Passwords add another level of security to all your drops, you can pre-arrange a password with your client over the phone, and use it for all safedrops. Because of our […]