safedrop – data driven sales deck tracking

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You’re probably making do with Google docs, Dropbox, excel and bits of paper.

You sent that proposal 5 days ago, and nothing back, total radio silence. Have they even looked at it? Is it a good time to chase up, or will that look too keen?

25-50% of deals go dark

In fact you have no idea who’s actually looking at your pitches, or if in fact they’ve looked at all. No idea if they’ve sent them to other people to review. And with sales cycles that are often very long, you have no idea when is a good time to re-engage when things have paused.

This means you’re often wasting time calling at the wrong time, or spending time on clients who obviously have no interest, when you could be focusing on the guys who are keen!

There’s a better way

Safedrop tracking lets you track who’s looking at your stuff. You’ll get a read receipt every time they take a look, and a record of what they’ve downloaded. If they send it to someone else, you can see that too.

So now you can tell

  • who is keen
  • when they are looking at stuff
  • who they’ve sent it to
  • when’s a good time to call


So when that monster client hasn’t spoken to you for months, but suddenly looks at your deck again, YOU KNOW IT’S A GOOD TIME TO CALL!

How does this magic work?

Simples. Make your safedrop as normal, but do 4 key things:

  1. Give it a nice title!
  2. set the to: list to * (this means anyone can view the safedrop, so it can be passed on. You can also restrict to an entire company, see below)
  3. Choose View Only view security.

Or – if you choose ‘Full access’ recipients can download your deck. Up to you, view only gives you the most data.

  1. Set verification to ‘enter email’ address.

Because you set the to: list to *, that means anyone viewing your deck can enter their email to see it. We won’t validate or check the email, but most people are actually pretty honest here.

deck tracking


Make sure you have your email updates set to ‘ALL’

deck updates

If it’s your first one, test it – visit the link and see how it all looks.deck notification

Now, every time someone looks at your sales deck, you get a nice little message like this.



Now you know who’s looking, and who is actually interested. A timely call will be a great idea, so when you see they’ve just looked at your deck for the 3rd time today, CALL THEM!

Part 2) Fancy pants security

Like a few options or more detail?

No problem

the To: field is cool. If you want anyone at to view your deck, but NOBODY ELSE, that’s fine.

(2) Set to as *

And set (4) as Magic link

Then anyone wanting to view your sales deck will have to enter a Toyota email address, and we’ll validate that by sending them a magic link to click before they can view. No-one else can see anything.

Part 3) To track or Not ?

The only choice you have really is do you turn on view only mode. In this mode your recipients will have to click your safedrop link every time they want to see your deck. Slight friction, but you get more data, AND you get to see if they’ve sent it to someone else. With Full access, you’ll see when they’ve downloaded, but after that, they may just email your deck around.

In the sales community opinions are mixed, some people are like ‘If they’re interested, it’s not an issue’, no download is great. Others (me included) think that getting that download indicator is enough, and I don’t want the friction.

Your call – test it out and let me know how you get on!

safedrop is available to all Projectfusion customers on annual plans.

Angus Bradley  – July 2022.