safedrop Updates November 2021 – 7 awesome cybersecurity tips!


We recently attended the LegalEx conference – it was great to be out of the office and meeting new people! Our founder, Angus Bradley (left) did a great seminar on 7 simple steps to massively improve your firm’s security. Click below to access the talk for free! Watch Seminar ? Quiz Time! Here’s a sneak […]

safedrop Updates October 2021 – eSignatures are coming!

It’s super simple, just one click to send any document from Outlook, the web or your document management system. We have a limited number of free trials – secure your space and get a pre-launch price now! Secure My 6 Month Free Trial Digital signatures give you much more flexibility when it comes to handling […]

safedrop Updates September 2021 – Changes to our Uploader

⏫ HUGE improvement to uploading! Now you can upload files, folders, subfolders, sub-subfolders (well, you get the idea) – all through the uploader.           ✅ Want to share lots of documents with someone, in a structure? ✅ Want to do a small data room? And of course, you can change the contents […]

Huge improvement to uploading!

We’ve just upgraded our uploader to let you upload files and nested folders. Need to share a folder structure? Just drag it up! Got a nicely organised collection of files and folders – no problemo, and no more creating zip files. It’s super quick to see what files you’ve attached.   Filenames appear in a […]

safedrop Updates August 2021 – Security Updates

This month we have some info on our upgraded safedrop receipts (which look amazing!), as well as more insights into the UK’s cybersecurity landscape. ? saferop read receipts just got a lot better! We just hugely improved read receipts. Now you’ll get full details of where the recipient was when they downloaded a file (complete […]

safedrop read receipts just got a whole lot better!

coffee and receipts

We recently rolled out a fantastic update to our safedrop receipts! When a user downloads a file, you’ll be able to see additional information in a more visual format. The changes include new information such as a company logo of the recipient, a country flag (depending on their location), as well as the name of […]

safedrop Updates July 2021 – Want a custom experience?

In what is a very security focused update this month, we have some exciting news from the tech world and something new to look forward to in safedrop! ? Want to customise your safedrop experience? We know that some of you have a requirement to use your own terms & conditions, as well as branding […]

Apple – new security features that will benefit every Apple device

apple device wwdc21

Last night at Apple’s annual developer conference (WWDC21), they announced a bunch of new security features, many of which will help keep making security a focus for software developers by raising the bar. Here’s the summary: Private relay – all iCloud users basically get a built in, fancy virtual private network. This means your communications […]