Our Post-TNW Conference Rundown!

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We had a great time at TNW Conference! A lot of the talks we attended revolved (obviously) around the next steps of the web – where companies and users go next with Privacy, Cybersecurity, et al. Sir Tim Berners-Lee founder of the original web, spoke candidly on his thoughts on Web3 and where he sees crypto and the future of the web going. Notorious whistleblower Edward Snowden also spoke via videolink on how widespread surveillance may already be at the point of no return. Then, to top off the first day of talks, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appeared via video link hologram to provide a mindblowing look into how technology is helping him fight the tyrannical Russian invasion. Needless to say, these talks capped off an excellent first day of talks that truly defined what happens next to the web and everything that comes with it.

Cybersecurity was a key part of the day, with lots of startups and various services showing their wares throughout the day. A packed main hall full of networking booths were on display. With companies like Oatly, Nike & PayPal also in attendance. For those more financially inclined, the Financial Times (The Next Webs parent company) had their own presence at the event. They too had some great talks around the state of the financial industry and how fintechs have a part to play in the worldwide web and the tech world in general.

One talk in particular focused on how compliance is still vitally important for small to medium businesses, with soc2 for the US and iso27001 for the uk and eu being another accreditation of vital importance, especially for those in industries such as healthcare, education and finance (or any other company that handles data in a sensitive manner).

For our second day at the event, we spent some time at our very own booth, meeting some fantastic people and sharing with the conference goers all the best things about safedrop! Overall we had a great time and would like to thank the event organisers and all of the wonderful people we spoke to!

safedrop also attended the event in a carbon-neutral manner, exclusively using EVs to travel and using reusable water bottles throughout. You can read more about our climate stance here.

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