7 simple ways to cut carbon at work – and save money


At safedrop we’re fanatical about saving trees and carbon, here’s some simple steps we follow to keep things green and save a bit of cash. Cycle Cars are responsible for a significant proportion of overall CO2 emissions, so if you can get to work on a bike, you can help and get fit too. Sign up for http://www.cyclescheme.co.uk/ – […]

A Guide To Secure File Sharing for UK Businesses

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Businesses lack a secure way to send or receive large or sensitive files. The tools available are clunky, and often require signup. safedrop gives them a super simple way to share files and messages. No sign up or installation required. High security, full compliance, easy to use. What do we do differently? safedrop is a […]

InfoSec podcast. Practical steps to protect your business

InfoSec podcast. Practical steps to protect your business an irregular security podcast Security podcast for professional service firms focused on practical security steps to protect your company. We only talk about stuff you need to know, and update every 6-10 weeks depending how the world is. UK & European focus. In this episode Angus & […]

Black Friday – 50% off

safedrop have a black friday/monday deal on – 50% off. So if you want your team to stop sending sensitive stuff on email click here !