Secure Deliveries Made Easy – Pay Only for What You Use!

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Secure Deliveries Made Easy – Pay Only for What You Use!

Are you hesitant about investing in a secure delivery platform for your company? We understand the challenge of balancing security needs with budget constraints. That’s why safedrop is here to revolutionise the way you handle secure messaging, deliveries, and large file transfers. πŸ“©πŸ”’

Why Choose safedrop?

With safedrop, you can:

  • Send Secure Messages: Keep your communications private and secure.
  • Effortlessly Transfer Large Files: No more worrying about file size limits.
  • Track Read Receipts: Know exactly when your messages and files are accessed.

Cost-Effective and Flexible

One of the biggest concerns for businesses is cost. Traditional platforms often require you to pay for numerous user licenses, even if only a few team members need access. With safedrop, we offer a smarter solution:

Pay per Delivery Plan

  • Unlimited Licenses: No more counting and managing individual licenses.
  • Flat Fee Per Delivery: Starting as low as Β£0.80 / $1 / €1 per delivery, you pay only for what you use.

This means you don’t need to commit to a large number of users upfront. Whether your team is large or small, safedrop adapts to your needs, ensuring you only pay for the deliveries you make. πŸ’ΌπŸ’Έ

Start Secure Deliveries Today!

Secure your communications and streamline your file transfers with safedrop. Our Pay per Delivery plan ensures you get top-notch security without breaking the bank.

Try safedrop today and experience the future of secure deliveries. Email to get access