A Guide To Secure File Sharing for UK Businesses

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Businesses lack a secure way to send or receive large or sensitive files. The tools available are clunky, and often require signup. safedrop gives them a super simple way to share files and messages. No sign up or installation required. High security, full compliance, easy to use.

What do we do differently?

safedrop is a secure file sharing solution designed for businesses. Whether you’re a legal expert looking to get files to court, or your in finance and you need to get confidential documents to a colleague, safedrop provides an easy way to send documents. We support a wide array of industries, from life sciences through to some of the world’s biggest law firms. Whilst there are many file transfer services out there, none of them are as fine tuned to B2B transfer as safedrop is. We’ve got many years experience, so we understand what makes our clients tick. This is why we designed safedrop to be quick and easy to use, yet super secure at the same time.

Many businesses across the UK and beyond are struggling with new privacy regulations breathing down their neck. With many traditional systems being upended with a move to a digital ecosystem, this leaves a large number of firms and users alike being forced to adapt quickly to new tools and procedures. The fallout from this is that companies suffer a data breach or cyberattack, both potentially catastrophic to the wellbeing of a business. This is in part due to some main factors. Lack of user education & reliable tools. The former will always be tricky, but educating your users of the pitfalls can aid in preventing such attacks. Educating our clients is just one of the ways we help businesses thrive. The latter comes down to the solutions available. Sending business-related files is often handled with tools that have consumers in mind. This leaves little in the way of robust security, and also has limitations when it comes to file sharing.

An example would be “Generic Tool A”. Clive works for a local legal firm, and needs to send client documentation to a colleague. They’ve been using email for some time, but they’ve been informed this is highly insecure (as well as having a paltry size limit of files). Their IT department has set them up with “Generic Tool A”. Everything is working fine until Clive tries to upload a huge folder of files. Nothing’s working, and “Generic Tool A” won’t comply. Using safedrop, Clive is able to share his folder with ease, making it easy for his colleague to pick the files up.

How it works

Using safedrop is incredibly easy – and that’s an understatement! Add a recipient, message & files, and then take your pick from a variety of security options.

These include:

  • View counts – unlimited all the way down to self-destruct (if you’re feeling a bit “Mission:Impossible”). This can be a good way to limit the visibility of sensitive data.
  • Download options – unlimited or none at all. When selecting none, users can only view the documents on-screen. This includes a watermark showing their email & IP address, as a deterrent to help prevent data breaches.
  • Passwords – Does what it says – adds a password set by you to be required before your files can be accessed.
  • Delete after – you can set expiry times on your files too, so they’re not left available years down the line if somebody tries to randomly access them.
  • Recipient verification – You can use this to add MFA to your safedrop. You can choose from Magic Links which make the whole process nice and easy, or you can also opt in for email verification. This means your intended recipient has to enter their email address before gaining access.

Once you’ve taken your pick – that’s it! Just hit send and you’re done. You will have an audit of each drop you send. This means you can see any and all actions taken in relation to your drop. That includes views, downloads, replies, etc. Additionally we offer Inbox functionality. This means you can also send a unique for user that don’t have safedrop. This means they can still send you files securely too.


Last year our clients saved on average £200 for every paper bundle they were previously sending with courier. This is a testament to how efficient safedrop can make sending files. We save you both time and money by cutting out the expense and unreliability of the middle man. You don’t to spend a fortune or wait an age for files to reach their intended recipient. We pride ourselves on meeting compliant standards, so you can rest assured that your documents will be sent just as securely in a digital format as they would be by a physical courier. Flexibility is also at your disposal when using safedrop. We like simplicity, so we give you straightforward customisable options when sending safedrops. This keeps your stuff secure, but let’s you maintain control.


Pobody’s Nerfect We’re not perfect, but we do try to provide users with as many key features as possible. There are limits on the sizes of files you can share (albeit rather generous). Despite our best efforts to make safedrop as secure as possible, by giving you control over the level of security you use, this could end up with a less than secure transfer. At present we don’t provide end-to-end encryption. As we’ve said, regardless of this we feel that our simple and secure focus on providing businesses with a way to share files speaks for itself. We’re sure you’ll agree!


  • How secure is safedrop? Very. safedrop is designed from the ground up to be secure. We’re ISO27001 audited, and will maintain data in the location of your choice (a choice of 27 data centres, or host it yourself using a docker image). By default all messages delete after 7 days, we also have a self-destruct after delivery setting, like 007 (or was it Tom Cruise?). You can control security and restrict the ability to copy, download or print documents.
  • GDPR – are you compliant? Yes we are, and we will help you be compliant. We are the only solution that allows you to setup ‘terms of use’ that each user must accept before downloading files. Here you specify things like why you are tracking them & how long you will retain information for – this is a critical part of GDPR. We also are totally on top of things like our ISO27001 accredited security system, and will keep all your information in the geographic data centre of your choice. So for UK users everything stays in the UK.

About Us

safedrop was formed with the aim of providing businesses an easy way to transfer files securely, without having to jump through the usual hoops to be able to do so. Founder Angus Bradley created the world’s first Virtual Data Room back in 2001, so we have a history of providing innovative solutions for businesses. Having experience in the legal sector, it was plain to see that many legal professionals had regular struggles using systems that weren’t fit for purpose. WIth many professionals citing time as a key factor, we set out to make file sharing secure (as it should be), but also easy and efficient to use. From this, safedrop was formed.