How to recall an email in Outlook

recall outlook email

We’ve all done it. You send that email only to realise it’s gone to the wrong person. Best case scenario? They think it’s junk and delete it. Worst case? If it contains personal data you have to call that persons firm, and make sure they delete all copies of the message. (A wild goose chase […]

How to stay safe online with safedrop

stay safe online with safedrop

Using safedrop is a great way to protect yourself and stay safe online. Here’s an example: I’ve been asked by my broadband provider to send my personal details including DOB, postcode and name to them via Twitter so I can be validated. Twitter accounts get hacked all the time, so I don’t really trust Twitter, […]

Outlook Email encryption – Fast and Simple!

outlook go kart

Our Outlook plugin lets you send attachments of any size with full regulatory compliance. Files can be up to 5GB in size, and while recipients are validated, they don’t have to sign up for accounts. No passwords, no accounts and no plugins means no friction – people actually want to use safedrop! Using Outlook means […]

An easy hack to make your office zoom calls better!

As many businesses continue to work from home, some companies are slowly returning to their offices. This brings a unique challenge, with Zoom calls taking place between colleagues sitting next to each other, as well as remote workers. This creates audio feedback and makes it difficult to have a clear conversation (you know, that Dr. […]

3 reasons to stop using apps to share files

share files

If you are a legal professional, chances are you need to share files online. You know you can’t use email, as your files are probably too big and you know it’s really not secure – so what about some of the other apps out there? Unfortunately, there are many hurdles that make this less than […]

How to handle a Subject Access Request

An essential guide for business Overview Under the GDPR regulation, Individuals have the right to ask you to tell them what personal information you are holding, including what, why, who (can access) and how long you’re holding it for. This known often know as a Subject Access Request or SAR. You have one month to respond to a Subject Access Request. […]

Watch the hackers – how to protect your password

password hackers

How to tell if your cloud account & password have been hacked! If you pick a bad password, your business is at risk. Passwords are everywhere nowadays! It’s difficult to keep track of them. Whether you write them on post-it notes (tut tut), keep them in your head, or use a password manager, they’re still […]

3 free alternatives to zoom – time to change

zoom lock in

Zoom has gone from 10m to 200m users in 3 months (!!) and it’s a truly lovely piece for engineering for video calls that just work. But the security problems are growing too – so should we use it? They promise they are working hard to fix things, and are spending the next quarter purely […]

safedrop is a great USB replacement


Loads of people still use a USB to carry around files they need anywhere. But because of security issues, they increasingly don’t work. Well here’s a plan, just use a safedrop! You can keep the address on a bit of paper if you like, it’s really secure, and it works on anything, including your 4 […]