How to recall an email in Outlook

recall outlook email

We’ve all done it. You send that email only to realise it’s gone to the wrong person. Best case scenario? They think it’s junk and delete it. Worst case? If it contains personal data you have to call that persons firm, and make sure they delete all copies of the message. (A wild goose chase […]

How to stay safe online with safedrop

stay safe online with safedrop

Using safedrop is a great way to protect yourself and stay safe online. Here’s an example: I’ve been asked by my broadband provider to send my personal details including DOB, postcode and name to them via Twitter so I can be validated. Twitter accounts get hacked all the time, so I don’t really trust Twitter, […]

safedrop Updates March 2021

This month we’ve an update on safedrop Inbox, some tips to make it easy to use safedrop, as well as a look at the ramifications of another big hack… 📩 Inbox is fixed! safedop inbox lets you receive files from anyone – no account or password required. We recently discovered a bug with this service […]

4 ways we make it easy to send files to solicitors and courts

For solicitors, law firms and barristers, sending case related documents to court and judges can sometimes be a tedious process. There’s either numerous hoops to jump through (collating a bundle, sending it physically or digitally, and then also hoping that the recipient can actually open it!) One of our main goals at safedrop is to […]

Going Green – How To Carbon Offset A Small Business

  safedrop is all about saving carbon as well as time, so I thought it was about time we offset all our carbon emissions, even if they’re not massive – every little counts! Here’s a super simple way to offset your carbon – should take about 20 minutes if you have a simple business like […]

Brexit & Your Data

Well a happy GDPR New Year! The EU and UK have agreed that its ok to keep sending personal data from the EU to the UK and vice versa – for now. This gives the EU 6 months to ratify the UK as an ‘adequate’ place for data, which I’m pretty sure will happen. This […]

Outlook Email encryption – Fast and Simple!

outlook go kart

Our Outlook plugin lets you send attachments of any size with full regulatory compliance. Files can be up to 5GB in size, and while recipients are validated, they don’t have to sign up for accounts. No passwords, no accounts and no plugins means no friction – people actually want to use safedrop! Using Outlook means […]

Watch the hackers – how to protect your password

password hackers

How to tell if your cloud account & password have been hacked! If you pick a bad password, your business is at risk. Passwords are everywhere nowadays! It’s difficult to keep track of them. Whether you write them on post-it notes (tut tut), keep them in your head, or use a password manager, they’re still […]