Prevent data leaks with our document protection technology

In today’s digital era, the need for secure document protection techn has never been more critical. Protecting sensitive information in electronic documents is crucial. Safedrop’s document protection technology, including on-screen watermarks and advanced security features, ensures unparalleled security. Join us to explore how our secure viewer brings peace of mind and confidentiality to your document […]

Giving back to our clients


At safedrop, we believe in the power of giving back to people and the planet. We understand that our success is directly tied to the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients, and we are committed to showing our appreciation in tangible ways whenever possible. One of the ways we do this is by surprising our […]

Customer Spotlight: Wren Healthcare

We recently spoke to healthcare provider Wren to get their thoughts on our secure file sharing platform safedrop, and how it’s revolutionised the way they work. Check out the thoughts of Matthew Richardson (Director of Operations) below:

How to password protect a PDF


How to password protect your PDFs This guide assumes you are using Adobe Acrobat, one of the most commonly used PDF readers. You can add passwords to your PDFs using the Adobe online tool. When in Adobe Acrobat, go to File > Protect Using Password OR go to Tools > Protect > Protect Using Password […]

How to recall Outlook email (the easy way)

recall outlook email

Try safedrop today, so you don’t have to worry about having to recall an Outlook email ever again! It’s easy to send secure emails in seconds with safedrop. In this article, we’ll show you how to recall Outlook email. We’ve all done it. You send that email only to realise it’s gone to the wrong […]

Security & Anonymity in safedrop


If you’re using a file sharing platform, security and anonymity should be at the top of your list of concerns. After all, you don’t want your sensitive files to end up in the wrong hands. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your files are secure and that your anonymity […]

safedrop Templates


What are templates? Templates are a fantastic way to save huge amounts of time when it comes to sending the same files and folders over and over again. Templates allow you to save multiple presets that include a subject, message and file (e.g. a PDF form) that can be added to your safedrop with the […]

Plant a forest or get a free Kindle – which would you like?

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our referral program! As many of you know, we pride ourselves on being an ethical company, and so we thought what better way to continue our efforts by giving back to our loyal clients. We’re rewarding anyone who refers us (you don’t even have to be a client!) […]

eForms are here!

share confidential files

We’ve recently updated Projectfusion & safedrop so you can send PDF forms via email, via safedrop and get the replies all within Outlook. It’s super simple and fast. Let’s take the TA6 Property information form as an example. A lot of our conveyancing clients are using these at the moment. They’re sending them via paper, […]

eForms Sneak Peak

Here’s a sneak peak at our new eForm platform – this one’s a game changer! If you’re sending forms such as TA6s, C100s or any other form that requires plenty of manual work, then we have the solution for you! Send an eForm straight from your email, without the need to print, collate or chase […]