safedrop Updates May 2021 – Want to send confidential files without commitment?

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We are happy to announce we have a brand new price plan available for safedrop users! For those of you that don’t want to commit to a subscription, we’ve developed the solution for you – a 2 day pass!

✨ Is this the plan for you?

Get access to secure file sharing without limits thanks to our snack-sized safedrop pass. Get 48 hours of uninterrupted sending for just £7.99! There’s no hidden charges, simply pay and start sending straight away! It’s great for those who just need to get things sent now, without any commitment. Head to to get started.

? Coming Soon – Location aware receipts!

Receipts are getting a makeover. Our geeky techs have plugged in some magic to show you country flags, local time and more on download receipts.

Keep an eye out for these new receipts coming soon, we’ll keep you posted!