4 ways we make it easy to send files to solicitors and courts

For solicitors, law firms and barristers, sending case related documents to court and judges can sometimes be a tedious process. There’s either numerous hoops to jump through (collating a bundle, sending it physically or digitally, and then also hoping that the recipient can actually open it!) One of our main goals at safedrop is to […]

Brexit & Your Data

Well a happy GDPR New Year! The EU and UK have agreed that its ok to keep sending personal data from the EU to the UK and vice versa – for now. This gives the EU 6 months to ratify the UK as an ‘adequate’ place for data, which I’m pretty sure will happen. This […]

How to get a bundle to court without a courier!

The rapid change in how UK courts are handling documents means sending them electronically is now crucial. There are many options, some more easy to use than others. There is a level of risk for a local authority or law firm in sending a bundle electronically which is why it’s important to make security a […]