safedrop Updates May 2020

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As we race through 2020, we have some more exciting updates to tell you about.

Improving Watermarks in View-Only Documents

We believe in simple, practical security. If you want to send someone something really sensitive, send your safedrop in view-only mode. Your recipient will now see a watermark that includes their IP address & their email. This will just discourage them further from taking a photograph of the file or trying to send a copy of the screen to somebody else. Unwarranted distribution or ownership of documents can lead to breaches, which makes this feature all the more useful.


When sending your safedrop, be sure to set the view security to View on-screen to see the watermark and prevent download.

view only

This feature is due to release from May 5th and will be continuing to roll out for clients in the coming weeks. For further information about updates like this, stay tuned to our blog!

Bug Fixes
  • Virus Checking. You’ll now see a message when uploading files to confirm they’ve been scanned by our AV software.
  • Minor Tweaks & Improvements.

If you have any questions regarding the items described above, please do not hesitate to contact us.