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Speed things up with eSignatures

Digital signatures give you much more flexibility when it comes to handling documents online. With safedrop you can get any document signed, no prep work or adding boxes. Save time and hassle preparing documents.

Our eSignatures capture court-admissible evidence, and are suitable for most documents including HR, Contracts, NDA’s and more.

Send any word or PDF for signature, no preparation

Simple API to send for signature from any system

Replace paper forms

Replace paper forms with our simple eForms. Anyone can complete them, on any device, with no password.

Send and receive forms direct from email saves your team loads of time.

Choose from our form library, build your own form or we'll do it for you.

eIDAS Compliant

Our eSignatures adhere to the regulations you need to make sure your signatures are legally binding. When designing our eSignature platform, we aimed to make it easy to use, whilst making it compliant at the same time, so there's no extra work needed on your part.

The safedrop eSignature platform can also be useful for non-repudiation, as we use IP address verification to confirm that the signature belongs to the signee. This is a great idea if you're looking to admit digital signatures to court.

Our signatures are classed as an SES (Simple Electronic Signature).

What is an eSignature?
Why are they a good idea?
Do I need any special software?

eIDAS defines eSignaures as the following: “data in an electronic form which is attached to or logically associated with other data in an electronic form.”

There are three main types of eSignature, all with varying degrees of complexity.

eSignatures can help speed up agreement processes as everything can be completed digitally, in a way that is suitable for all parties involved.

Good signature solutions also give you extra proof of signature authenticity. So you can rely on their integrity.

With a wet signature, you have no idea if it is faked, especially as people can scan and send documents. You can sign a PDF and it will technically be legal, however our eSignatures offer an extra layer of security by verifying the user when they sign their document, including verifying their IP address, so you have peace of mind.

Are you still in Beta?
Yes, everything mostly works, but we're not ready for everyone yet. You can use the beta to get legally binding signatures are audit trails, at no cost for now!
What docs can I get signed?
Word documents (doc and docx) and PDF Documents
Do I need to prepare documents for signature?
No - we simply add a signature panel as the last page - this is where all signatures go. So you can send any kind of documents.
What if I need checkboxes and data capture?
Easy - we do this using PDF forms, which you can make in many apps. You can capture initials, checkboxes, lists, free text etc.
Coming Soon!
Forms - Q3 2022 - Let recipients complete PDF forms in safedrop.
Success emails can contain the signed document - Q3 2022
Allow Email Authentication for eSign documents as well as magic link
Customisable signed by text above signature box
Known issues
Doesn't work with domain authentication yet - you can't send a link to * and have anyone from sign it
Requires 'never' permission - to send a safedrop eSign expiry must be set to never. This was so you don't lose signed docs, but we're going to change things to send you a copy of signed docs by email, so this will change.
You can try and send anything for signature, only docs and pdfs will work
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