Secure file sharing made simple.

Learn how to effortlessly send & receive secure files with a proven solution.


Speed things up with eForms

Digital forms give you much more flexibility when it comes to handling documents online. With safedrop you can get any document filled and completed, no prep work or adding boxes. Save time and hassle preparing documents.


Turn any PDF into an editable form – think text fields, checkboxes, signatures and more! Complete legal forms (such as PIF, IHT, etc.) in a flash with our secure and compliant platform. 

Replace paper forms

Replace paper forms with our simple eForms. Anyone can complete them, on any device, with no password.

Send and receive forms direct from email saves your team loads of time.

Choose from our form library, build your own form or we’ll do it for you.

Give clients what they want

2023 and beyond demand eForms. Forms are in PDF format, so you can easily use the same form in paper or digital format. Clients can fill in forms on their mobile or desktop device, with the option to save their progress.

Use cases


Whether it be PIF (Property Info Forms) or TR1 transaction forms, safedrop eForms makes it easy to fill out forms in a compliant manner.


Verify your clients easily without the wait by sharing ID documents securely. Users can send documents on their own terms at a time that suits them, without having to worry about confidentiality or security.


Make use of a range of templated forms regarding Tax arrangements, thanks to our unique template feature. Save time on repetitive tasks and spend more time focusing on your case!


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