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    protect your business

    Full audit trails, customisable GDPR terms, encryption and ISO27001 secure processes protect your files

    no passwords

    we use magic links

    Unlike our competitors, recipients do not need to sign up or install anything. This means busy people will receive your important files quickly .

    receive files

    KYC, AML & sensitive data

    If you need to get credit card details, personal data or large documents, just request them with a safedrop.

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    no passwords, no accounts, no plugins, no friction

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  • security

    Through our work with leading Law firms, Local Authorities and Courts, we've developed security that people actually use.

    recipient verification

    we validate

    To view a safedrop, recipients click a link. We then send an email with a magic link which is valid for a few minutes. Click on the link and get your files.

    • The link expires after a short amount of time.
    • The link can only be used once.
    • The link only allows you to download from one safedrop

    document protection

    no plugins

    Prevent download and copy/paste. Control how recipients can use your shared data, revoking access or changing access permissions in real-time. Add watermarks and restrict printing to keep documents in your control.

    effective security

    just works

    You can choose self-destruct messages, and all messages have an expiry date so nothing gets left hanging around.

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    We're now giving you more choice when it comes to verifying the recipients of your safedrop! In addition to Magic Links, you can now ask recipients to verify themselves via email. This is a huge update, and radically improves safedrop's use for auditing, and for monitoring file & message...
    Watch a video of Reply-To in action here! So what? - I have email and a client portal Data breaches. Half of the UK's law firms had a breach in 2019 thanks to badly addressed emails, phishing attacks & poor security. One common theme amongst all breaches? Email. Whilst being the go-to...
    There is a level of risk for a local authority or law firm in sending a bundle electronically which is why it's important to make security a top priority. Should you send sensitive or confidential files by email? No! Sending an email is about as secure as sending a post card. Emails often get...
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  • Case studies

    Denise Cowley

    DMA Law

    “Excellent service from safedrop – The service is easy to set up and easy to use”

    Oliver Moore

    Bristol City Council

    We use it for sending large files to the courts, other
    solicitors and agencies securely and it is essential to our work. We find Safedrop really user friendly and easy to use. Other agencies use other systems which we find cumbersome and time consuming to use.

  • faq

    strong security, full compliance with US, UK & EU privacy regulations

    How secure is safedrop?

    Very. safedrop is designed from the ground up to be secure. We're ISO27001 audited, and will maintain data in the location of your choice (a choice of 27 data centres, or host it yourself using a docker image). By default all messages delete after 7 days, we also have a self-destruct after delivery setting, like 007 (or was it Tom Cruise?). You can control security and restrict the ability to copy, download or print documents.

    GDPR - are you compliant?

    Yes we are, and we will help you be compliant. We are the only solution that allows you to setup 'terms of use' that each user must accept before downloading files. Here you specify things like why you are tracking them & how long you will retain information for - this is a critical part of GDPR. We also are totally on top of things like our ISO27001 accredited security system, and will keep all your information in the geographic data centre of your choice. So for UK users everything stays in the UK.

    When can I expect my free trial?

    Free trials are being shipped now. Join the waiting list today!

    How much does it cost?

    For less than 10 users its £200/user per year. Prices drop to as low as £50 per user per year for larger accounts.

    What do you mean 'frictionless'?

    Every time a recipient has to do something to view a file, they become less likely to want to do it, and more likely to ask your team to bypass security. We're removing every unnecessary step, so no sign ups, no passwords and no software to install.

    What about UK, EU data privacy regulations?

    When sharing files you must setup privacy terms. This is displayed to recipients and they must accept the terms before viewing files. These terms should outline what you will do with the tracking data.

    Training & support?

    All paid accounts get full support from 9am-530pm UK business hours. 24x7 support is a cost option for company accounts.

    What's the difference between free account and paid accounts?

    Free accounts have a storage limit of 100Mb (enough for about 700 pages or a few documents), 5 safedrops per month, and no ability to setup custom GDPR Terms or manage colleagues activity audit trails. Paid accounts have full auditing, custom branding, GDPR terms and longer expiry times.

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